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Keep your canine partner healthy, active and comfortable from nose to tail. Top veterinary experts recommend this innovative, 4-in-one wellness supplement to maintain and improve your pet's: 


  1. Oral health
  2. Hips, joints and muscles
  3. Skin and coat
  4. Energy and recovery


1-TDC® is a blend of 1-Tetradecanol Complex fatty acids. Applied orally it aides in preventing bad breath and improving dental health. As a tasty supplement, 1-TDC improves joint and skin health while increasing energy and maintaining healthy recovery for the canine athlete. 


With recommended soft gel dosing, say goodbye to bad breath, stiff/achy joints, flaky skin and low energy. 


Count: 120 soft gels


1-TDC® Oral & Mobility Support for Dogs

SKU: 364215376135191
  • America's top supplement for canine oral health and mobility. 

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